Friday, April 25, 2014

Tweet tweet tweet

This week I attended a social media roundtable at Independence Golf Club in Midlothian, VA. Among those in attendance, curious superintendents wanted to learn how to better utilize social media to help them gather relevant information that is floating around the ever-expanding world wide web. The main social media players, as most of you know, are Facebook and Twitter.

In my opinion, Twitter is the most applicable for golf course superintendents. Why? Because you search keywords, post pictures, hashtag a topic, and communicate directly to other tweeters. Most people seem to use Facebook more for family and close friends, while Twitter can be used more for business purposes, although that doesn't mean you can't share personal information there as well. Furthermore, you can tweet out course conditions, cart restrictions, or frost delays to members of your club. And even link that post to Facebook so it will automatically post to your Club's Facebook page.

As far collecting and sharing relevant information to those managing turf in the state of Virginia, David McCall, pathologist at Virginia Tech, suggested they start a hashtag campaign that is #VATurf. This way, everyone interested in sharing information about turf news in Virginia can use that hashtag, and make it easily findable by simply searching that hashtag on Twitter. Likewise, many industry companies and organizations share relevant news and information through Twitter. The beauty in this is how fast you can receive that information right into the palm of your hand. For example, GCSAA, Toro, Jacobsen, Syngenta, USGA, PGA, many professors and other vendors all have Twitter handles that are active daily.

No need to be overwhelmed - you can simply open a twitter account (, create a username (a handle), and start following people to get an idea of what Twitter is all about. Don't even worry about posting until you get a feel for how the whole Twitter world operates. As far as finding people to follow, you can import your contacts into Twitter, and that will give you a starting point.

If you need help getting started, or have questions along the line, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you work through the kinks to becoming more connected.

Superintendents and industry reps gather for a Twitter tutorial and roundtable at Independence Golf Club.

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